GWU Lafayette Hall

//GWU Lafayette Hall

Lafayette Hall is located on the Washington, D.C. campus of The George Washington University within the boundaries of the University’s self-designated historic district, which necessitates a historically sensitive approach to building modifications. Originally constructed as an apartment building in 1926, Lafayette Hall was purchased by GWU and converted to a dormitory in 1964.

Prior to the most recent major renovations, the room layouts of the eight-story building remained largely unchanged from their original configuration. Upgrades installed prior to the most recent renovation included a partial sprinkler system, fire alarm system, ventilation system, heating system upgrades, and the addition of an emergency generator and window air conditioning units.

GWU selected Baumann Consulting as the Commissioning Authority (CxA) for this project due to Baumann’s successful track record working with the University on similar projects. Baumann oversaw commissioning of all upgraded MEP systems, now housed within the new mechanical penthouse structure, as well as the new sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

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